Colonel Michael Joseph Little, US Navy (Retired)
Colonel Elizabeth A. Little, US Coast Guard
and their children, William & Mary

Co-Founders &
National Commander of The Brigade of KY Colonels

Member of the HOKC Council of Ambassadors
Member of the HOKC Marketing Committee
Member of the HOKC Communications Committee

Colonel Michael Joseph Little is a distinguished advocate with a national presence, committed to raising awareness about military and veteran issues. Both he and his wife are proud Kentucky Colonels. Michael serves as a member of the HOKC Council of Ambassadors, is the sitting chairman of the HOKC Council of Ambassadors membership committee, and actively participates in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Marketing and Communications committees. He founded the Military and Veteran Brigade of Kentucky Colonels Virtual Chapter to bring together veterans and service members who are Kentucky Colonels, helping them get more out of the commission bestowed upon them by the Governor. His extensive experience includes serving as the National Executive Director of the Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association for the United States Coast Guard, reflecting his deep dedication to veteran care and military service.

Chapters Organizational Documents

Membership Categories & Dues

Regular Members of the Brigade of Kentucky Colonels are any Kentucky Colonel who holds a commission from a Governor of Kentucky and must be an Active Member with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, and be currently serving in, or have been honorably discharged, or retired, from one of the branches of the Uniformed Services.  - Dues are $15 a year and expire on Dec 31 of each year. 

Associate members are Gold Star Families, Widows, Spouses of Service Members and Veterans who hold or held a Kentucky Colonel Commission;  Service Members and Veterans of Foreign Country Uniformed Services, and individuals who have been Commissioned as Kentucky Colonels.  Any individual who holds a Commission from a Kentucky Governor, must be in good standing with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.  - Dues are $10 a year and expire on Dec 31 of each year. 

Only Regular Members who are inactive with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels will be allowed to maintain membership in The Brigade if they are inactive in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

Our Logo Explained

The Chain: Symbolizing flexibility and strength, it reminds Colonels that the chain of life is forged day-by-day, link-by-link.

The Leaves: Representing the Tulip Tree, the state tree of Kentucky. Known for its rapid growth and strength, unlike other fast-growing trees that may be weak. This symbolizes our Chapter’s resilience and rapid growth with proper care.

The Anchor: Representing our sea-going branches of the military who serve as Kentucky Colonels.

The Eagle: Symbolic of our Army members who serve as Kentucky Colonels.

The Delta Wing: Representing our Air Force and Space Force members among the Kentucky Colonels.

The Crossed Sword and Cutlass: Symbolizing the Officer’s Saber and Enlisted Cutlass, representing the makeup of both officers and enlisted personnel among our ranks.

The Handshake: Symbolizing the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” which we uphold as Kentucky Colonels and Aide-De-Camps to the Governor.